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spinning around!

So something I am doing this year in a not terribly disciplined sort of way, is spinning new fibers that I haven't tried yet. Actually I guess I started that last year with the camel/silk. Whatever.

Anyway, here is some cormo! I have spun Corriedale and Merino but the cormo, despite being a cross between the two, was very different. It has the springiness of Corriedale but the fineness of Merino and honestly was a rather challenging spin. It was very hard to draft because it wanted to either stretch out or puff up, and so the individual plies are rather uneven. It also clearly wished to be spun very fine. However, for whatever reason, I had made up my mind that I wanted to make a worsted-weight yarn out of it, so I decided to spin it as a 3 ply, so the plies could add their thicknesses together and to even out the uneven bits. I loved the roving very much, and I like the yarn very much, but it wasn't my favorite thing to spin. This is a fairly minimally processed roving from Lavender Hills Farm (http://www.hampsteadfarmersmarket.com/vendors/item/lavender-hills-farm); I bought it from them at SAFF and can't speak highly enough of them, they are really nice people and very generous -- supposedly I bought 3 ounces of wool but it turned out to be more like 4.5 ounces. I do also have 2 more ounces of more processed cormo from another vendor, and it'll be interesting to see how that spins up in comparison.

Here are the puffy puffy balls of roving! (The front 3 are from Lavender Hills and the back one is from some other vendor that I have no idea who it is, I thought it was Fluery Sheep and Wool but I said something about it to the owner and she said it wasn't her so I have no idea. SAFF is a little overstimulating, OK? Anyway, you can see the fibers in the back one are more aligned)


And here's the plied yarn. I have since finished it and thwacked it and it has bloomed very nicely.




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