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Nature hike!

I went on a really amazing guided wildflower hike at Eno State Park last Sunday. I've never been to this particular park entrance which is strange because it's only a few miles from my house and has things that I like, like a river, attractive rocks, scenic ruins, and wildflowers.

The first few wildflowers we saw were fairly ordinary, and easy to overlook because they are pretty common. But they still are pretty! Bluet, violet, green and gold, trout lilies.

 photo DSC01754_zps492d41c5.jpg

Rattlesnake orchid

 photo DSC01753_zps0d50f640.jpg

Fairy wand or Devil's Bit (Chamaelirium luteum)

 photo DSC01751_zps693c3d3a.jpg

Horse Chestnuts are blooming kind of late. It's been a weird spring. One of the leaves has a sad face.

 photo DSC01756_zpsdd126232.jpg

Then we went down by the old dam. This contained the city of Durham's water supply until 1927.

 photo DSC01757_zps9338d015.jpg

 photo DSC01761_zpsbe4c8160.jpg

Someone explained this cool tower thing to me, it was like a sluice and water went up in it and really I have no idea what it was for. It now has a lovely and luxuriant growth of poison ivy all over it.

 photo DSC01758_zps28cb9d82.jpg

 photo DSC01763_zpsbaac79ef.jpg

There were lots of spring beauties, sweet cicely, and rather unspectacular native buttercups and forget-me-nots growing around its base.

 photo DSC01774_zpsb5a2b2fd.jpg

Further up the path was this cool thing which supposedly has some valves down in its depths.

 photo DSC01778_zps57a11ba4.jpg

 photo DSC01777_zpsb190bde9.jpg

Here's Asarum candensis in bloom; none of the other wild gingers were blooming, which is odd but presumably because again, weird spring.

 photo DSC01779_zps952daa76.jpg

I like to take photos of curly ferns. I took a lot but am restraining myself from posting them all.

 photo DSC01780_zpsffa4c8bf.jpg

ferns, and lycopodium, and mosses. Pretty cool.

 photo DSC01781_zps9aa9545b.jpg

Trout lilies. Just missed the bloom. One of them has a little fruit, though!

 photo DSC01782_zps60cccd20.jpg

Jack in the pulpit! Super exciting!
 photo DSC01783_zps1854f1c4.jpg

And then HOLY CRAP we walked down to a little creek and saw these unbelievable things that I would never have thought were native wild flowers. I expect my wildflowers to be sort of small and not terribly showy. I have never before seen wild Atamasco lilies and they are gorgeous!

(I didn't pick it, I'm just holding the flower up, because they're kinda floppy)

 photo DSC01785_zps23c048a6.jpg

 photo DSC01787_zps36776c16.jpg

And then I found another jack in the pulpit that was ALSO really cool, maybe even cooler than the first one because it has purple on it and we all know how I feel about purple.

 photo DSC01790_zpsbc1f4381.jpg

native buttercups that are actually kind of showy:

 photo DSC01792_zps8ea78a00.jpg

Pinkster azalea which planted itsself in a very scenic spot; well done, azalea:

 photo DSC01794_zpsfb0e0511.jpg

the picturesque Eno river:

 photo DSC01797_zps73dc0ddf.jpg

The walls of the old pump station (and some random kid)

 photo DSC01802_zpsa518b808.jpg

The scenic interior of the old pump station:

 photo DSC01806_zpsbfde7857.jpg

 photo DSC01808_zps54d0feb3.jpg

Not that you can really see it, but the pebbles embedded in the door step here say "1907"
 photo DSC01809_zps200c2acf.jpg

I'm sure that a pipe went through here but I like to think that the station had charming round windows
 photo DSC01811_zps3132043d.jpg

Going back up the path, more azaleas (and supposedly somebody found some cancerroot but I didn't see it and I even went back and looked for it a few days later )
 photo DSC01812_zpse774638a.jpg

Now we're on the other side of the dam:

 photo DSC01815_zpsb2b6401a.jpg

Overflow pond and spillway:

 photo DSC01814_zps71186058.jpg

Southern lady fern:

 photo DSC01817_zps233baba0.jpg

Now we're going off the path to look for something really cool!

Here's some tiarella but that's not it:

 photo DSC01819_zpsbf7a2501.jpg

I completely forgot what this is, if you know, tell me, OK?

 photo DSC01821_zps449d0a16.jpg


 photo DSC01827_zps7591ecce.jpg

Native chickweed and some kind of hepatica:

 photo DSC01823_zpsd31d0cf2.jpg


 photo DSC01831_zpsbad7ce92.jpg

Once again, messing with my preconceived notions of native wildflowers, lady slipper orchids! About knee high and neon yellow!

 photo DSC01832_zps0f6ce7bb.jpg

Stupid camera could not figure out how to focus on them

 photo DSC01835_zps2b2c10ab.jpg

this turned out kinda cool though

 photo DSC01843_zps48a4ec54.jpg

 photo DSC01847_zps7157c613.jpg

 photo DSC01848_zpsf867a339.jpg

We had to regretfully tell the colony good bye, but more treasures lay ahead

Like an early-blooming trillium!

 photo DSC01849_zps2fbc36e8.jpg

native geranium with a bonus insect:

 photo DSC01851_zps0e49b460.jpg

 photo DSC01858_zpse50cdba3.jpg

cool little violets with divided leaves:

 photo DSC01859_zpse9998729.jpg


 photo DSC01863_zpsa29e0e69.jpg

a native heuchera

 photo DSC01864_zps31b57214.jpg

More horse chestnuts:

 photo DSC01865_zpsf075087b.jpg

this attractive beech tree
 photo DSC01867_zps2149b526.jpg

And back down to the road, which overlooks some really beautiful dogwoods and sycamores.

 photo DSC01869_zpscca51f3e.jpg

I went back out a few days later with my friend Rebecca so she could see all the cool things too, and alas did not bring my camera because we also found a colony of dwarf irises. We also saw 3 great blue herons and an owl (probably barred). I should probably mention that when I first saw the owl I said "WHAT IS THAT BIG THING THERE, A TURKEY?" I'm not used to owls just like hanging around on the forest floor, OK?


Apr. 29th, 2013 06:47 am (UTC)
All very cool.... would love to see these flowers as well.!!
Apr. 30th, 2013 10:38 pm (UTC)
If the weather's nice, I'll lead a hike Sunday!



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